$125,000 May Mega Bingo Bash

May 5 & 6

$125,000 May Mega Bingo Bash


Gift Certificate Purchase Terms


  1. When using a credit card to purchase the $99 gift certificate, your card will be charged
  1. The gift certificate for $99, which is good for use at all Station Casinos outlets, will be used to hold one seat in the $125k May Mega Bingo Bash in the cardholder’s name.
  2. The gift certificate can only be picked up by the cardholder that purchased it. Photo ID required.
  3. Tickets may be picked up at the Bingo Room starting Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018.


General Terms and Conditions

  1. The $99 entry fee to reserve a seat must be guaranteed by the purchase of a $99 gift certificate.
  2. Extra packs are $10 and must be purchased the day of the game (maximum of 20 electronic packs)
  3. Coverall strips will now be offered at $5.00 per 3 on strip that plays along with games 35 through 38
  4. The entry fee pays for both days of $125k May Mega Bingo Bash and includes a 6-on pack for each day.
  5. Seating capacity is limited to 2250 throughout all rooms. (5 Properties)
  6. Warm Up games will be played starting at 11 am. First pack $10, each additional pack cost $5.
  7. The morning sessions at each property will pay out $5,000 each day (5 properties, not a linked session).
  8. The afternoon session will be linked between all properties – combined pays of $42,500 each day.
  9. $125,000 will be paid out over two days (all pays are aggregate).
  10. All “electronics” are sold with a minimum of the entry pack plus three (3) extra packs, and with a maximum of twenty (20) extra packs(not including any free packs)
  11. Purchase your entry by March 31st for $75 PLUS  Two Free Electronic Packs on Days 1 and 2.  Purchase by April 15th for $75 PLUS Two Free Electronic Packs on Day 1.  Purchase by April 30th for $75.  Purchases after April 30th will be $99.  Purchase of Electronic Minimum is required to receive free packs. Free packs do not count toward purchase. Normal electronic rules apply (rule 10).
  12. Participants utilizing electronic stationary unit seating locations in the $125k May Mega Bingo Bash are required to also purchase a minimum of three electronic 6-on packs, at a cost of $10 per pack, for each day of the $125k May Mega Bingo Bash.
  13. No more than 3 paper packs are allowed per seat.
  14. No coupons or discounts are accepted at this session.
  15. To be a winner, you must have the last number called on 2nd and 3rd chance coveralls.
  16. There will be no JUMBO, BIG 3, DUAL ACTION or PROGRESSIVE COVERALL CARDS played at this session due to entry fee.
  17. In the event there are multiple winners, any prize won on these games will be split equally among the winning players. All prizes are aggregate.
  18. Participants must be 21 years of age or older and present proper identification to be eligible to play/win.
  19. Station Casino’s bingo rules apply where applicable.
  20. Any bingo pack, card or face that has been mutilated, forged, misprinted, altered, tampered with, mechanically reproduced, is illegible or has been obtained by any means other than pursuant to these rules is automatically void.
  21. Station Casino’s managerial employees are not eligible to participate in this bingo game. These rules or these games may be modified or cancelled by management at any time in its sole discretion. Management reserves the right to exclude any individual in its sole discretion.
  22. To receive the special Hotel rate, a Guest playing in the $125k May Mega Bingo Bash must be staying in the room.
  23. Maximum purchase of 10 seats per transaction
  24. Station Casinos $125k May Mega Bingo Bash rules posted in the Bingo Room supersedes rules on the internet. We do our best to ensure the web carries the correct information.
  25. No cancellations changes or refunds after April 30th, 2018.

*Use of free electronic packs each day requires the purchase of an electronic device each day.
Only two free packs can be used each day.